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The DayzUnderground Wiki is a collaborative project, and we want you to get involved!

Creating a New Article

Navigating To Your New Page

Creating a new article on the DayzUnderground Wiki is relatively easy. Enter the name of the article you would like to create first to ensure a page does not already exist. If it doesn't, you will be greeted with the following message:

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Click on the article name (Test in this example), and you will be greeted with the text editor for your new page.

Categorising New Pages

When creating a new page, it's important to assign it to the correct category to ensure it is seen on the main page. This can be done by navigating to the top-right of the text editor, clicking the menu dropdown, selecting categories and selecting the relevant category from the list.

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Formatting Help

An official MediaWiki formatting guide are available here. Help with inserting images into your article is also available here.

Writing Guidance


  • Your general writing style should be impersonal. Stick to a third person perspective and be formal where possible. for instance:

We got into trouble with the Firekeepers after raiding their friends...


The Gilligan Gang would eventually fall out with the Firekeepers after several attacks on their allies...

  • Make every effort to be impartial and truthful. Curators will amend or remove overtly biased, spurious or false information.
  • Stick to the standard layout as much as you can, but don’t be afraid to add subtitles here and there when necessary.
  • Too much detail is better than too little!

Notable Character Article Template


A brief overview of the character describing their past/present affiliations, accomplishments, and why they are well-known. In future, this may include a standardised organisational chart with a summary of all relevant information.


Hex the Bandit; Hex the Immortal. These are just some of the (nicer) names of DayZUnderground’s most famous cannibal bandit. With the help of the group he created called Dark as Midnight, Hex has been terrorizing South Zagoria and its inhabitants for as long as his presence was known. Those most familiar to the Underground will be the first to tell other survivors around: Stay out of Gorka. Hex and the rest of DAMN have made the town famous for the frequent skirmishes and banditry that goes on in the area, but the violence and interactions this group brings has no boundaries.


Include a screenshot or portrait of the character in question, if one of sufficient quality is available, and a brief verbal description of their appearance.


Briefly summarise the “back-story” of the character in question.


Before the outbreak, Tex was a chaplain for a Marine detachment through the United Nations. After the outbreak Tex became more hardened as his unit was cut off from other forces and slowly turned bandit and increasingly brutal. However, after facing the cruelty his unit was to inflict on an innocent woman, he killed the few remaining survivors of his unit, and began crawling back into the light from the darkness his life had become. From then on, he saw his calling to be a shepherd to the remaining survivors here. He originally arrived in South Zagoria as the leader of the Brotherhood's Diplomatic and Humanitarian wing, the Brotherhood of Fire. The Brotherhood would eventually come to engage in the long-term Operation: Fracture. Its objective was to fake an ideological schism in order to draw out their enemies, initiated in the event now known as the Night the Sword Fell.


An overall description of the character’s demeanour, attitude, mannerisms and behaviour. This does not need to be overly detailed, but should give the reader an idea of the sort of person the article is talking about.


In lieu of a better description, Altradoran was an asshole. Though cold, sarcastic and cynical, he did not lack a moral code - the term “honour amongst thieves” scarcely applied to anyone more wholly than him. To Altradoran, debts were to be repaid and deals to be honoured - even if that came at a detriment to his personal interests.


An overview of the character’s decisions, achievements and overall story development. This should form the main body of the article, and may be broken down into further sub-headings if appropriate.


Andi embraced Dixie, Tex, and the rest of the Fire Keepers in her time of suffering, using her experience with her brother as a source of strength. Andi took her oath to the Fire Keepers as the Paragon of Perseverance. A fellow Fire Keeper named Judge Richter asked her to become the Head Marshall after she executed a rogue Fire Keeper and close friend, Flow, who had jeopardized the lives of her new family; the action showed her dedication to justice and the protection of her family.

While a Marshall, she became close to Dragarian before he became a member of the Cult of Papa With Tex dying, Dixie leaving, and the new generation of Guardians seeming foreign to her, she went to carve her own path as a solo Fire Keeper. Her travels brought her close to her old friend and newly appointed alpha of Black Paw named John Stalvern, and they shared many moments with each other in the apocalypse. However, John’s morphine addiction could not be cured, and Andi chose to aid John in ending his suffering.

Unfortunately for Andi, John’s demise would not be taken lightly by his many friends and other survivors. Groups like Serdtse Vollka, Flock, the Cult of Papa, and Dark as Midnight all saw Andi as either a murderer or a pawn for political gain. She was captured and miraculously escaped the clutches of Dark as Midnight after being used by them to betray the Cult of Papa, taking refuge among other survivors such as the Black Sheep trying to outrun those that would cause her harm.

Where are they now?

A description of how the character in question died or left Chernarus - or if they are still alive, what they are now doing at the time of writing.


In the final days of his life, Shaolin was caught in a major war outbreak between the DC and Gino, a traitor to the RC who thought Shaolin was unfit for command after taking up an administrator role vs. being on the field. During the battle of Mogilevka, Shaolin would be taken by surprise, rushing at Gino in a last resort with his knife in hand only to be cut down swiftly by the traitor. He passed from two gunshot wounds to the abdomen December 2 2017, leaving a troubled life behind. His final resting place is unknown to all except the current Rangers remaining.


This should comprise a list of the characters’s most notable friends and enemies, with a SHORT summary of their relationship. This should be limited to particularly notable friendships or rivalries.

Notable Character Article Template


A brief overview of the group or faction, describing their past/present affiliations, accomplishments, and why they are well-known. In future, this may include a standardized organizational chart with a summary of all relevant information.


The Forsaken Loyalists are the remnants of the old Forsaken Motorcycle Club that evaded slaughter by the Cult of Papa, formed of members who believed in the older codes and ethics of the club. They believe that survival of the group outweighs that of outsiders, but do not believe in senseless slaughter. Having learned of Altradoran’s survival and the demise of the Cult, they now feel safe making a gradual return. They seek to restore the FMC’s original business deals in Chernarus, and re-establish themselves within the area.


This section should list any known DnD-style alignment for the group or faction in question, alongside a brief description of their motives, morals and goals.


DAMN does whatever their greed, hatred, or lust for destruction drives them to do. They are hot-tempered, vicious, arbitrarily violent, and unpredictable. If they are simply out for whatever they can get, they will be ruthless and brutal. If they are committed to the spread of evil and chaos, they are even worse.


This section should contain the following:

  • A screenshot or portrait of a member or members of the group/faction in question, if material of sufficient quality is available.
  • A brief overall description of the uniform/PID of the group/faction in question.


The Forsaken Loyalists can be identified by a Lime Green armband at all times. They prefer Rider’s Jackets, Face Masks, Motorcycle Helmets and Baseball Caps, while actively avoiding Gas Masks and Cowboy Hats.


This section should explain who founded the group/faction in question, along with how and why they did it.


The Carnival was founded by a man named "Angus Oblong II" coming from a prestigious polish clown family. Originally each member of the Carnival was a loner of sorts and each member came to the Carnival seeking refuge from society,  many having never bothered to interact with the outside world even before the apocalypse. After the infection spread, most of humanity changed to adapt to the new surroundings; they were fighting for whatever they could find, essentially the bottom of the food chain, watching people around us be killed and slaughtered in the streets. Angus knew the only way to survive was to keep the Carnival together and he had to make them fearless and strong by any means.


A description of what territory the group/faction owns or has been known to have a presence in, alongside their motives for claiming this area and what they use it for. More detail is better here - the territory section should not simply say “X claims Y”.



This location was chosen by Hex, the leader of DAMN. It has a great church for cooking human steaks, a medical center for cutting off limbs, houses full of knives, bullets, and bloody rags. At the DAMN Police Department, you can expect them to tie up, interrogate, and humiliate any hostages in the best way possible.


The coastal city of Berezino has long been a favored hunting ground for DAMN, due to the constant flow of meat and readily available industrial supplies for the fortification of Gorka. Here you can expect DAMN to be constantly on the lookout for good sport, be it at your gain or expense...


These towns have been used extensively by DAMN as a buffer zone for meetings with similarly cut-throat groups, hunts, battles and more. They maintain a strong presence in the towns, and are in their element while roaming them.


This section should describe all the publicly-known goals of the group, both short- and long-term. This can be done as a list, but prose is preferred. These goals can be abstract in nature, and you should usually be able to summarize them with a single word. Goals should be written in the third person, ie. “Group X aims to achieve Y for Z reasons”...


  • CONTINUITY: The Forsaken aim to continually promote the interest of their club above all else, while suppressing the efforts of those who would wish ill upon it.
  • REVENGE: The Forsaken have sworn to hunt down any remaining members of the Cult of Papa, and ensure that their kind never return.
  • BUSINESS: The club engages in any and all arrangements and transactions deemed beneficial, regardless of the deeds or alignment of the client in question.
  • MOBILITY: The Forsaken actively remain mobile by seeking out and fixing vehicles of all kinds.


The values section should be formatted similarly to section 6 (goals), but instead focusing on the abstract values and principles that the group/faction is known for upholding.


Honor, Loyalty, Hard Work, Honesty, Independence (Black Sheep)

Strength, Brutality, Greed (Dark as Midnight)

Order, Loyalty, Enterprise, Respect (Forsaken Loyalists)

Justice, Bravery, Hope (The Fireflies)


An overview of the group’s noteworthy decisions, achievements and overall story development. This should form the main body of the article, and can be broken down into further sub-headings if appropriate. Due to the massive variation in group lore and histories, we will not provide an example here - feel free to use all the creative license you want!

Notable Members

A list of the group/faction’s most notable members, with a short summary of their role and achievements within the group.


Similar to the notable members section, this should comprise a list of the group/faction’s most notable friends and enemies, with a short summary of their bilateral relations. This should be limited to famous friendships or rivalries.