Crafting Recipes

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(Updated for 1.16, need to be updated for 1.23)

>50% guts (Human or animal) + Knife = Rope

2 Stacks of 6 rags = Rope

Baseball bat + Barbed wire = Barbed baseball bat

Baseball bat + 12 nails = Nailed baseball bat

Knife + Various kinds of clothing/flags = Rags (1 - 6)

Knife + Flag = Flag Armbands (Specific to Flag cut up.)

Burlap sack or flag + Rope = Improvised Courier Bag (30 slots)

Improvised Courier Bag + 3 small sticks = Improved improvised backpack (42 slots)

(If crafted with flag, bag will have design of the flag.)

Improvised tools and weaponry.

Small Stone + Small Stone = Stone Knife

Small stone + environmental rock = stone knife

(Find small stones on trails/train tracks, or harvest large stones with Sledgehammers/Pickaxes/Hammers, break into Small stones)

Tan leather by combining Garden lime (Fertilizer) and any Animal pelt.

You can also tan leather by putting both lye and the pelt in the barrel, however you need a minimum water level of 5% for this to work.

2x Tanned leather + Leather Sewing kit (AT LEAST 20% of one) = a Leather bag (63 slots) Which CAN be buried

Stick + Knife = Crude Improvised bolt

Crude Improvised bolt + feathers = feathered improvised bolt


Rope + long stick = Improvised fishing rod

Knife + bones = Improvised Fishing hooks

Knife + soil = worm

Worm + hook = baited hook

Netting + Metal wire = Fish net trap

Water Bottle + Knife = Small fish trap

1 Stick + Metal Wire = Snare trap

2 short sticks + metal wire = trip wire trap (can attach any grenade. You can also attach plastic explosives, a claymore, and an IED, however you need to also attach a remote detonation kit to tripwire.)

Plastic bottle + Duct tape = Plastic bottle suppressor


(Tan by default)

2 Burlap strips + 1 netting = Ghillie rifle wrap

2 Burlap strips + 1 netting = Ghillie Hood

4 Burlap strips + 2 netting = Ghillie Bushrag

6 Burlap strips + 3 netting = Ghillie Cloak

10 Burlap strips + 4 netting = Ghillie Suit

Tan ghillie component + Green spray-paint can = Mossy Ghillie component

Mossy ghillie component + Black Spray-paint = Woodland Ghillie component


Short stick + Tree Bark = Hand drill kit (Improvised lighter)

Fireplaces can be made by using either:

Rags, Paper, Bandages or Tree Bark as kindling, and firewood and/or sticks (Fuel)

Two small sticks + a long stick = Improvised Cooking Stand (Can mount cooking pots on it)

You can also boil water in a Cooking pot to purify it.


(Filled) Blood Bag + IV start kit = IV Blood bag

Saline Bag + IV Start kit = IV Saline

Unidentified Blood bag + Blood test kit will tell you the type of blood in a bag

4 Rags/FULL bandage + 2 sticks = Splint

DayzUnderground-Exclusive Recipes:

Improvised Weaponry:

Long Stick + Rope = Improvised Bow

Short stick + Knife = Sharp stick arrow

Stick arrow + Feather = Improvised Arrow

Small stone + Hammer/Sledgehammer/Pickaxe = Pebbles (Slingshot Ammo)


Zippo lighter can be refueled using Alcoholic tincture

Bring a Campfire tripod to a Workshop building (Industrial shed with green door) looking at the machinery inside will allow you to create a Torch holder.

Camo netting + knife = Camo net gun wrap

2 Burlap strips + 15% of EITHER a Leather or regular sewing kit = burlap weapon wrap

Burlap weapon wrap + Plant material = Stuffed weapon wrap


Leather crafting values have been changed on DUG, with the backpack taking MORE tanned leather to create, however if you tan a pelt in a barrel instead of by hand it will yield much more leather. Additionally, you can use a Bone fishing hook to create ANY leather clothing item in the place of a leather sewing kit, the hook will ruin instantly however

Tan leather by combining Garden lime (Fertilizer) and any Animal pelt.

You can also tan leather by putting both lye and the pelt in the barrel, however you need a minimum water level of 5% for this to work.

2 Tanned Leather + Leather sewing kit = Leather Gloves (Best insulation)

2 Tanned Leather + Leather sewing kit = Leather Shoes (Best insulation)

5 Tanned Leather + Leather sewing kit = Leather Jacket (42 slots, Best insulation)

4 Tanned Leather + Leather sewing kit = Leather Vest (35 slots + 4 grenade slots, Best insulation)

5 Tanned Leather + Leather sewing kit = Leather Bag (63 Slots, High insulation, Buriable)

1 Tanned Leather + Leather sewing kit = Leather Hat (Low insulation)

1 Tanned Leather + Leather sewing kit = Leather Pouch (Water bottle)

3 Tanned Leather + Leather sewing kit = Leather Pants (Best insulation)

Leather clothing can also by further altered by dyeing using various materials in a barrel, yet this extensive topic is worthy of a list of it's own

Non-Leather clothing:

Any T-shirt + Knife = A Bandana of the t shirt's color, for use as a face mask or head-wear, (low insulation)

(T shirts and T shirt Bandanas can also be Bleached and Dyed, although it will yield different colors to the leather options)

Shemaghs can be folded into Scarves (Medium insulation), Facemasks (Medium insulation) or Full Shemaghs (High Insulation)

You can put the hood of your hoodie up by holding the L key, with an empty hand, and nothing in your head slot, (Makes the Hoodie High insulation instead of Medium)

(You cannot put up the hoods of wool hoodies however)

You can take any baseball cap into your hands, and press LMB to flip it, and your character will wear it backwards (No insulation change of course)

Burlap sack + Knife = Burlap sack mask (Low insulation)

1 Rag + 1 Rag = Improvised Eye patch

Metal wire + Wolf head = Wolf headdress (High insulation)

Knife + wolf pelt = Wolf bushrag (Best insulation, takes backpack slot.)


DUG re-implements spray-paint, a long gone vanilla item, providing various items that can be painted using it

The following weapons can be spray painted green OR black;

K98, USG-45, SG5K, Mosin, PIONEER, Tundra, SK59-66, KAS-74U, KA-74, KA-101, KA-M, M16-A2, CR-527, M4A1, BLAZE.

You can also spray-paint Ghillie suits/Rifle wraps

Wolf headdress + green/black spray-paint = green/black Wolf headdress

Wolf bushrag + green/black spray-paint = green/black Wolf bushrag


On DUG you cannot repair clothing with Duct tape, additionally if you do not have enough left in your respective repair kit you will be unable to repair your item (For example, less than 25% in a gun cleaning kit)

The Plastic bottle suppressor is weaker on DUG, only surviving one shot from a high caliber rifle before ruining

You can only repair a Plate carrier with a 100% Epoxy stick on DUG

You can only repair a Ballistic vest with a 50% or more Epoxy stick on DUG

Pots, pans, car components and medieval armor can be repaired using a blowtorch with an attached propane tank.