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**DUG; just as it has it's own mods, it has it's own dialect too.  The words below are things you might hear while playing on DayZ Underground.**

Server - These lands, Chernerus, South Zagoria

Logging in - Waking up

Logging out - Going to sleep

Keyboard keys - Muscles

Microphone - Voicebox or Voice

Headset/Earphones/Speakers - Ears

IC - In Character

OOC - Out of Character

IRL - dreams, inside your head

KOS - Kill on Sight

Freshie - Player on the coast who has spawned recently

PID - Personal Identification (Outfit specific to you that puts you apart from everyone else)

Crackhead - Usually a freshie who acts in illogical ways with no morals. Usually doesn't talk, has nothing to lose, and wants you dead

Inventory - Pockets, inside backpack

Stash - A container that is buried

Perma - The act of killing your character *permanently*

Pigeon - OOC Message, usually discord.

Radio - Teamspeak, Discord, any OOC chatting program.

I died - Got sent to the coast. (Unless you've perma'd, never refer a death in-game as "I died". It will usually be met with confusion. "Then why are you here? How are you alive?")

Gods - Admins

Smited - Banned

Pray - Submit a ticket

Metagaming - Taking information that you heard from a source outside of the game (YouTube, stream, discord, etc) and purposefully using it to influence your behaviors in game when you have not been exposed to the information in-game/in-character, most significantly to the detriment of other parties.