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What is a Group on DayzUnderground?

The groups of DUG are recognized collectives of players who form a cohesive entity in-character. They play the server together, and endeavor to behave and interact with the fun and enjoyment of others in mind. In recognition of their contribution to the server, groups receive two representatives in the DUG discord group & faction chat, up to five representatives in the community-controlled environment (CCE) system and dedicated channels on the DUG TeamSpeak.

What are the Requirements to Become a Group?

  • A new group must first make themselves known to the public by announcing themselves on the DayzUnderground subreddit and provide staff with a complete roster of their current members.
  • After 1 month of activity with 3+ whitelisted members on their roster, a group will be considered official and qualify for the representation described above. Groups must keep their roster updated with the latest information.
  • Groups are expected to uphold the Group & Faction Etiquette provided by the Staff Team.
  • Groups must have their own unique identity that separates them from current groups and factions.

Above all, groups should provide worthwhile interactions in-game whilst being considerate towards other members of the community.

What are the Perks of Being an official Group?

  • Groups are offered Public and Private TeamSpeak Channels.
  • Group leaders are offered representation in the DUG discord Group and Factions Chat (up to 2 whitelisted members).
  • Up to 5 whitelisted members of a group may act as delegates in the Community-Controlled Environment (CCE).
  • Groups are eligible to apply for Faction status.

What is a Faction on DayzUnderground?

The Factions of DUG are the premier groups of the server and the backbone of the community. These factions have a unique identity and established reputation in-game and continue to interact, explore, tell stories, and are active on the server even when population is low. Most groups on DUG can become Factions, but there are certain prerequisites they must meet beforehand and uphold during their tenure.

What does a DayzUnderground Faction do?

Factions Interact: Our community was founded on in-game interaction. Factions are expected to interact with community members and non-members alike and continue looking for/sharing new experiences with others outside of their usual social circles. We also expect factions to interact and be accessible elsewhere too, even if not on the game server. Whether it’s TeamSpeak, Discord, or on the subreddit forum - factions communicate and interact with their fellow community members.

Factions Compromise: Factions interact with the community and are important actors in shaping the lore, stories, and interactions found here on DayzUnderground. Knowing this, factions must be able to work together, compromise, and put what is best for the community over individual differences OOC. They are willing to collaborate on stories, media, and in-game events.

Factions Participate: Factions are the heart of the server, and should be promoting the community and its members in a variety of ways. Factions host, assist with and/or participate in events whether they be in-character or out-of-character. Factions are expected to put their differences aside if it means the betterment of the community/server.

Factions Lead by Example: Factions are well aware of the rules of the server. They show new members what is good conduct on our servers and what is not. Faction leadership are people that can be passionate about the game and their group without letting their emotions get in the way of being a leader. Each Faction shows fairness and respect to community members.

Factions Play: Factions gather their members (whitelisted or not) to play. Factions also look forward to playing during our active Whitelist times.

What is Expected of Factions?

Factions are groups that have shown both the Staff Team and their fellow community members that they are not only an integral part of the community and server lore, but also have members who follow the rules and are able to hold themselves accountable.

  • Factions must consist of at least 3 active members. While small (<5 member) factions are permitted, the expected standards for contribution to the community and server lore will not be adjusted based on size.
  • Factions must remain relevant, and are expected to actively build upon the lore of DayzUnderground.
  • Factions are expected to share their experiences with the broader community, posting high-quality stories, videos or other content to the subreddit.
  • Factions must be of a unique flavor and type, occupying their own niche within the server landscape.
  • Factions must remain active on our game server and TeamSpeak, interacting with those outside their usual social circles and friend groups.
  • Factions must follow the Group & Faction Etiquette provided by the Staff Team.
  • Factions must set a good example of behavior on all of the server’s platforms, whilst keeping themselves to a high standard both in game and out.

What are the Perks of Becoming a Faction?

In addition to the prestige of the position and closer relationship with the server as a whole, Factions on DUG receive extensive representation on our game server. Factions are rewarded with custom armbands and flags, and invited to submit requests for a custom item and changes to the Chernarus+ map, as long as these are feasible and within reason. Faction members also receive a custom icon on the DUG TeamSpeak as an acknowledgement of their contribution.

How Does my Group Become a Faction?

When they feel that they have been fulfilling all of the above responsibilities, official groups may post a public Faction Application to this Subreddit. Upon approval, they will become an Official Faction on DayzUnderground. An ideal faction application includes the following:

  • Faction Name
  • Alignment (Lawful Good, Neutral Good, etc…)
  • Overview (What your group is all about)
  • Goals (Short term and long term)
  • Values (What values are important to your group?)
  • Links to lore-relevant posts about your group (written, audible, and video posts on the DUG subreddit.)
  • Criteria for joining
  • Member Roster
  • A short explanation of why the group is applying, and what they feel they can contribute to the server as a faction.
  • Any other information the group feels is relevant.

Applications will be considered in depth by the DayzUnderground staff team and are approved at their sole discretion. The roster of factions will be reviewed regularly by the staff team.