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Organic Roleplay: No rules that force playstyle. Every interaction and every threat is real.

What is Organic Roleplay?

DayzUnderground thrives upon a non-restrictive roleplay environment, meaning that there are no requirements or rules against actions that take away core aspects of the game, such as Killing on Sight. Every interaction that players may have with other survivors could be life or death - unpredictable and organic. DUG players are encouraged to interact with one another and to create stories through roleplay, whilst keeping the sandbox element of DayZ fully intact.

Roleplay Etiquette

Keeping Things as In-Game as Possible

On DayzUnderground, it is highly encouraged that players take an "in-game" approach towards most of the social elements of the gameplay. For example, if a player has a question directed towards another player or group, they should be encouraged to seek them out in-game and ask the question there - rather than contacting them via Discord or through any other Out-of-Character (OOC) means. Same goes for if a player wants to trade, ask about factions/groups, or any other type of info that is attainable whilst playing the server and asking around. Players should attempt not to discuss any in-game events or happenings on any OOC platforms - especially if they have happened recently.

Separate IC and OOC

It is important to remember that in a roleplay environment, there should be a decent separation between the player and the character that they are playing. Aside from the more obvious behaviors that players should avoid, (such as using information learned OOC that their character wouldn't know in-game), it's important to remember that what happens to someone's IC character should stay in-game - when a player logs out of the game server, any gripes or grudges their character has should stay in the game and in the game only.

Considering Other Player's Enjoyment of the Game

When interacting with other players in-game - especially in a hostile manner - their enjoyment of the game should always be considered. During interactions, players should remember to let the other side get something out of the scenario and have some fun as well. If it is a player's wish to rob someone, they should do it in a way where the person being robbed has some fun with it as well, or at the very least isn't left with nothing by the end of the interaction.

Significant actions against other players/groups such as raiding or attacking their territory should be done in moderation. It is not fun for those on the receiving end of the conflict if they are being raided/attacked multiple days in a row with no room to breathe.

Permas and Perma Etiquette

Permas - or Permenant Deaths - are the final deaths of a person's character and the ending of their story within the Lore of the server. Whether or not someone permas to an interaction is completely up to the person who is playing that character - never attempt to force someone to end their character if they do not wish to do so. If a player has executed another player in a roleplay scenario in-game, then it is proper to reach out to them via OOC means and ask them whether or not they wish to perma. If they say no, then their characters will continue living. If they say yes, the other player is welcome to tell that story in-game or by writing it on the DUG Reddit. It is not a good idea to write a story about somebody's character perma-ing if they were never asked or have said "no" in their answer.