Becoming a Faction

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Becoming a Faction

Image 1: A Group of individuals who wear the same type of Armband which unifies them and helps them be more easily identifiable upon sight. Though it is acceptable for a Group to have minimal visual identity as such, Factions should have a more consistent theme among their members and not only rely on an Armband.
Image 2: The same group of individuals as seen on Image 1, but without the Armband. Since they have no common theme of clothing type or color, it is impossible to tell which Group or Faction they may belong to - or even if they belong to one to begin with. This shows a lack of collective identity.
Image 3: Yet another example of the same collective, this time wearing clothing that has a consistent color theme among the three of them. This shows uniformity whilst also allowing the individuality of the member's PID's to shine. Between the color scheme and the military articles, they could now be identified properly even without any Armbands.
Image 4: Now that these people have found an overall theme that fits their group's goals and personalities, and the individual members can be identified as part of the group without the need for an Armband, they may consider wearing one if they wish to establish even further uniqueness.

In order for a Group to be promoted to Faction, they must meet the requirements stated in the Group & Faction Guidelines, whilst actively following the Group & Faction Etiquette.

When a Group feels that they have been fulfilling all of the above responsibilities, Official Groups may post a public Faction Application to the DayzUnderground Subreddit. Upon approval, they will become an Official Faction on DayzUnderground.

An ideal faction application includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Faction Name
  • Alignment (Lawful Good, Neutral Good, etc…)
  • Overview (What your group is all about)
  • Goals (Short term and long term)
  • Values (What values are important to your group?)
  • Links to lore-relevant posts about your group (written, audible, and video posts on the DUG subreddit.)
  • Criteria for joining
  • Member Roster
  • A short explanation of why the group is applying, and what they feel they can contribute to the server as a faction.
  • Any other information the group feels is relevant.

Applications will be considered in depth by the DayzUnderground staff team and are approved at their sole discretion. The roster of factions will be reviewed regularly by the staff team.

If the Group's Faction Application is denied, the staff team will provide a detailed and contructive response with insight on what to improve before the next Faction Application should be submitted.

Building upon the Lore of DayzUnderground

One of the more important requirements within the Group & Faction Guidelines states:

  • Factions must remain relevant, and are expected to actively build upon the lore of DayzUnderground.

As Roleplay is the core value of DUG, those who have made it to Faction are held to the highest standards in terms of RP as well as overall behavior. Factions are expected to go outside their regular comfort zones and roam the map seeking and providing meaningful interactions with the rest of the community. They do not exclude those outside their usual social-circles when it comes to interaction, and are willing to compromise in order for a storyline to happen. A faction's true goal would be to create or be a part of a story within the lore, regardless of whether or not they are on the winning side of it.

Uniqueness in Factions

  • Factions must be of a unique flavor and type, occupying their own niche within the server landscape.

For a Faction to be truly unique, it must have a Visual Identity that sets them apart in looks from the rest of the existing groups/factions, as well as behaving and acting in its own manners following its own goals consistently.

1. Unique Visual Identity

Imagery is a very important aspect when it comes to being able to properly identify either a group or a faction at a glance. The visual imprint should convey the spirit and the overall theme of the group/faction, often showing glances of the member's goals or personalities through visual storytelling. DayzUnderground offers a vast array of clothing articles that can be found by exploring or even dyed to personalize a group/faction's appearance in order to stand out from the crowd and occupy their own uniqueness.

One of the most common ways to identify a collective of members that serve under a common goal is the use of armbands - which can be dyable. However, though it is acceptable for a Group to identify themselves with only armbands, a Faction's identity should not solely depend on one item alone. Instead, they should figure out what type of clothing the characters that belong to that group/faction would wear, along with an overall color theme that would be highlighted among all of its members.

For Factions, armbands should be the last piece of the puzzle when it comes to having a unique visual identity. A Faction's members should be identifiable without an armband. (See Images 1-4.)

2. Unique Behavior

Apart from the visual aspect, the manner in which a Faction behaves within any of their interactions should be consistent and make sense with how they operate. All of the members within the faction should be on the same page and follow the same collective goals that they strive to achieve. A well-established faction is one where a person who has met them before can have a decent understanding of what they are about, and how an interaction between them and the faction would go.

This behavior ties into the Rules of Engagement segment of the Creating a Group article:

" Example of Rules of Engagement: Let's say your group or faction's Goals is to eradicate banditry or villainy in Chernarus, and you come across a group of them whilst out on a patrol. It would be both within your Goals and ROE to engage them in a manner that would stop their hostile activities. On another note, because you are a group striving to fight "evil", you and your members wouldn't participate in banditry or any random killings or holdups yourselves, as that would directly counter your established Goals. It is important to stay consistent with how your Group/Faction behaves in order to properly convey the idea of who you are and what you do.

It is also recommended that in order to preserve uniqueness when creating your own group - and even more importantly if you wish to become a faction, you should try and craft your Image, your Goals, and your ROE, based off of what doesn't already exist on the server. Try to find your own niche, rather than following in someone else's footsteps. "