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Affiliations: DUTY

Status: Unknown

Ender was the leader of DUTY and former wartime operations overseer during the Cult of Papa Invasion. Ender’s pragmatic methods in the group and DUTY’s mission of studying the infected was one that is well known around the community, but had come with both praise and criticism from his fellow survivors.



Ender and DUTY as a whole arrived in Chernarus many months ago in a small aircraft, hoping to photograph the troubled region from the air. An unknown engine failure forced the aircraft down in the swamps of Komarovo, and as the plane sunk into the mire Ender lead his men out into South Zagoria proper.



Ender and DUTY’s early work in Chernarus was first tied to eliminating the undead in cities across the southwest, but later included working as defensive mercenaries for the Polana Trade Union. Ender was also responsible with security and facilitating the First Summit where, among other topics, DUTY proposed a scientific connection between the infected and the outbreak of the Kuru virus. After the Summit, Ender and Duty began defensive procedures against the Cult of Papa. This was different from other groups, such as the Brotherhood who spearheaded efforts to attack and stop the Cult outright. Ender also collected blood and tissue samples that ultimately lead to DUTY’s Diagnosis of various diseases.

In his pursuit to eliminate the Cult of Papa, Ender and many others were able to corner and eliminate Dr. Gregor in a large operation that took place across much of South Zagoria. It was around this time that a Second Summit, lead by Joseph "Tex" Kirche, was created and a coalition formed from various groups to fight the Cult. During the Cult Invasion, Ender led the Coalition forces into battle and had near absolute victory, resulting in 3 Allies being killed and the elimination of 30 Cultists. After the Invasion additional samples were collected for further experimentation., including those from the Cultist named Agni. The Coalition was unable to stay together following the near elimination of the Cult, and it was after this that Ender and DUTY laid claim to the former Bridge Burner territory of Tisy Military Complex, enforcing a strict denial zone in the area.

Notable Relationships

Where are they now?

No one really knows what became of Ender and DUTY. The group went missing many years ago, with some members of the group joining other survivors in the area. But for some of the survivors who've called this land home for a while, they will be remembered nonetheless.